About Christina

15379_3980716042691_1219789333_n (1)My name is Christina Hunt and I am a third year Journalism major, Business minor at the University of Florida looking forward to a career in public relations and marketing. I am also a sister in the Alpha Nu chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity. I grew up as an only child in a small town just north of Tampa.

Some of my favorite things include…

1. boxers

2. Pinterest

IMG_24423. magazines

4. the Gators

5. elephants

6. norts

7. Forever 21

8. movies


IMG_242110. yoga pants

11. American Eagle.

12. froyo

As a “sorority girl” crafting is a stereotypical part of life. However, I go beyond the norm and am ALWAYS working on something. This blog was IMG_2300created during the Fall 2013 semester for JOU 3109C (Multimedia Writing) and will catalogue crafts I am working on and explain how I made each one. The blog will continue for the class MMC 3260/5015 (Your Digital Life) during the Spring 2014 semester. Now that those classes are over, I will update it when I am finished with projects.

Check out my Etsy store here.

Check out my digital portfolio here.


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