GrandBig Paddle

Last June my GrandBig (my big sister’s big sister) turned the big 2-1. Generally, you just make a paddle for your big sister. But I’d noticed on Pinterest that some girls decided to make their GBig a mini paddle as well and thought it would make a cute meaningful birthday present. Here are some examples that inspired me.

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It is a tradition in the Greek community to decorate a paddle for your big brother or sister. Most little bothers or sisters make a standard size paddle that is 3o inches long. Greek stores and websites carry these paddles with traditional handles and handles in the shape of an organization’s letters, symbol or mascot.

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It only takes a spark…

On Friday of big/little week, we have reveal. In my chapter, the sisters all stand in a circle grouped by families (big, little, grandbig, etc.) who choose a theme and dress up in costumes. Our new members are given a candle and come outside in small groups. They must walk around until they find the candle that matches their own. Whoever holds the matching candle is their big sister. While they walk around, we sing traditional Phi Mu songs about sisterhood.

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