Monogrammed Canvases

On the third day of the week, littles received a canvas from their big sisters. We were given the freedom to do anything—initials, monograms, quotes, etc.

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On the last day of Big/Little week, littles receive a quatrefoil from their big sister. They all have the names of the big and little sisters, three stars for the three founders of Phi Mu, the semester and year, and “Lil Sis” and “Big Sis”. Other than that, each is personalized by the big sister.

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Basketful of Sunshine

In my chapter we leave baskets in a specified room for our littles. The baskets stay there all week and when they come to the house each day, there’s a new present from their big! I have twins, which means I took two littles. However, during big/little week, they have no clue who I am and they also don’t know that they are twins. Therefore, my first challenge was to decorate two baskets and make sure that they do not look anything alike. Continue reading