Painted Bubba Kegs and Flasks

After learning how to paint a cooler, personalizing Bubba Kegs and Flasks area piece of cake!

My first two bubba kegs were huge failures because I decided to spray paint the entire things and now I’m afraid I may accidentally end up poisoning the people I gave them to as gifts. So when I decided to paint a bubba keg and flask for my boyfriend’s latest date function bucket I made sure to research how to personalize them properly.


Krylon Fusion, which I used on my coolers, also works on plastic and metal so I used it for both items I was painting. Once the primer is dry you can begin to paint!

Bubba Keg

Tip: Remove┬áthe lid and unscrew the bubba keg’s handle before priming and painting.

I started out by painting the top and bottom portions of the bubba keg a dark blue. Then I painted the center white.

I printed out my boyfriend’s name and fraternity as well as the Southern Tide fish and then traced it onto tissue paper. Once the paint was dry I used a thin tipped Sharpie to trace the words and fish onto the white portion of the bubba keg. Then filled everything in with paint and a very thin paint brush. Make sure to cover all of the sharpie marks so that it doesn’t bleed when you seal your bubba keg. After all of the paint looked good and was dry I used three layers of Minwax to seal my work. Allow the sealer a day to dry and then screw the handle and lid back on.


For the flask I kept it very simple. After painting the entire thing black I printed out my boyfriend’s name, fraternity, chapter and initiation number and then traced it all onto tissue paper. I used a white paint pen to transfer it from the tissue paper to the flask.

Once that was dry I went over all of the writing with a gold paint pen and then sealed it the same way I did the bubba keg.


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