Flower Headbands

For probably about a year now flower headbands and just headbands in general have been popular fashion statements. My sorority has a Bonnaroo-themed date function coming up this week and instead of paying 20 dollars or more in the store for a headband, I decided to make my own.



Headband (or ribbon)

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

Fake flowers




Start off by cutting the flowers off from their stems. It’s easier if you remove most of the center stem inside the flower that connects it to the actual flower. It may cause the petals to disconnect but you can easily hot glue them back together.

Before you start gluing flowers to the headband, decide how you want them arranged. The headband on the left is arranged randomly other than flowers of the same color not touching. The headband on the right is arranged in a specific pattern. There were three different colors (pink, white, red) and two different size flowers. I arranged it so a small and a large flower of each color were next to each other circling the headband.

Hot glue each flower to the outside of your headband and allow the glue to harden before attaching the next. If you are using the type of headband I used (one that stretches), be sure to glue the flowers very close to each other. Cover the whole headband with flowers or only add a few, it’s up to you! Once it’s had a chance to dry, try it on and discover your inner flower child!




Headbands in action.

Headbands in action.


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