Wooden Frames

If you’re a frequent shopper at craft stores you’ve probably seen bins or whole sections in the store devoted to wooden objects made for painting and decorating. One of the most common crafts from these areas is a wooden frame. I’ve bought them and bulk (at a dollar or less a piece) and decorated them for my room and given them as gifts.

The great thing about this project is that you can personalize it however you want and in several different ways:


Just take out that acrylic paint and relive your days as a girl scout!


Use mod podge to adhere scrapbook paper to the frame is a quick and easy way to give your frame a more detailed or intricate design (especially if you classify yourself as artistically-challenged).

Rhinestones and Beads

You can cover the frame in beads or rhinestones with Wood Glue or mod podge to give it a more textured look.

Puffy Paint

If you want to write something on your frame I suggest using mod podge. Just make sure to allow it at least 24 hours to completely dry before touching your work.


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