Christian’s Canvases

Do you have a favorite quote you’d love to display in your home? Not sure how to do it stylishly? This week I interviewed Christian Duarte, a 22-year-old International Studies major at the University of Florida, about the quote canvases she made for her bedroom in a sorority house.


Where did you find inspiration for the canvases and why did you decide to make them?

“Most of my ideas come from Pinterest. I’m not creative enough to come up with the ideas, but I guess I’m ingenious enough to figure out a way of recreating them. I usually make canvases for my room as decorations, or as presents for my friends and family. It’s pretty relaxing to just sit back and paint for a bit, like reading a book or watching a movie, but in the end you get an actual product out of it,” Duarte said.

How did you make the canvases?

“The ‘YOU IS KIND, YOU IS SMART, YOU IS IMPORTANT.’ canvas was pretty simple to make. I used stencils for the black letters, making sure to use a ruler so that everything was straight and proportionate. The heart I free-handed.


The picture on top is courtesy of Pinterest and the one on the bottom was created by Duarte.

The tree canvas was tricky, but I actually made this one as a group project with my little nieces. I free-handed the tree trunk, and then we all used circular sponges of various sizes to make the leaves. It was definitely the most colorful one I’ve made so far.

For the map canvas, I used the map because it actually has some meaning behind it. It is a city map of Salzburg, where I interned for 3 months this past summer. I wanted to convert one of the hundreds of maps we collected while staying there into something I could keep for a longer time, and which would always remind me of the good times I had there. The quote ‘Not all who wander are lost.’ stems from my love of travel and the realization that sometimes the greatest moments occur when you stop planning and just explore,” Duarte said.


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