GrandBig Paddle

Last June my GrandBig (my big sister’s big sister) turned the big 2-1. Generally, you just make a paddle for your big sister. But I’d noticed on Pinterest that some girls decided to make their GBig a mini paddle as well and thought it would make a cute meaningful birthday present. Here are some examples that inspired me.


I ordered the paddle from DIY Greek, which was a lot cheaper then buying it from the local Greek store near my college campus.

Her favorite colors are pink, blue and green so I started out by painting the whole paddle pink. After it was dry, I painted the front side of the paddle a light blue and then left it to dry again. Using a thin painter’s tape, I cut strips and placed them straight across the paddle so they were touching. Then I removed every other piece and painted the whole paddle a bright green. Once the paint dried, I removed the tape so that I had green and light blue stripes going down the entirety of it.

After consulting with my Big we decided the stripes alone just weren’t good enough. It needed something. So I cut strips of the painter’s tape again and covered the paddle with it at an angle. After removing every other piece of tape again, I painted the front of the paddle a darker shade of blue, waited for it to dry, and then pealed off the rest of the tape. This created the look you see in the picture above.100MEDIA36IMAG0903

Next I used mod podge to attach a pink cloth flower on top of a green flower and then used peach colored plastic pearls to create a center (all of which I had left over from other projects). I attached the flower to a white ribbon and then wrapped it around the handle of the paddle, securing it with more mod podge.

Once I was back in Gainesville for formal recruitment, I went to the Greek store closest to the University of Florida campus, One Greek Store, and purchased a frame (because it’s a phamily tradition), three stars (to represent the three women who founded Phi Mu), and letters to spell out GBIG, GLIL and our names.

I painted all of these pieces white and after allowing them to dry, I attached a picture of me and Kim inside the frame and then used mod podge to secure everything to the front of the paddle.

(I couldn’t move into my apartment until after recruitment started, so I finished this project while camping out in my Big’s living room with one of my other sisters/roommate. My Big has two cats and one of the little rascals decided to steal the I in my name.)

Write a little note on the back and you’ve got a special gift for that awesome GrandBig in your life!


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