Crafting with Crosses

I’m in college (rocking that #poorcollegekid swag) and I always struggle with what to get my mom for her birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day. Last spring I was walking around Michaels, looking for inspiration (and okay, fine, I was probably avoiding studying, as well) when I stumbled upon this nifty little wooden tray shaped like a cross and partitioned off into five sections.


Photo courtesy of TJ Hunt Check out his photography here.

The great thing about finding presents for your mom is that they appreciate the thought more than how much you spent. My mom is pretty religious so when I saw the tray the wheels in my head started turning. I decided I could decorate the tray and create a meaningful wall decoration she could hang somewhere in her home.

My mom’s favorite colors are yellow and blue (I’m not kidding, you should see the inside of my childhood home) so I picked out pretty scrapbook paper in those colors. Then, I traced and cut out pieces of the scrapbook paper that would fit into each section of the tray. I used mod podge to attach the paper to the bottom of the tray and then spread a layer over the top of the paper to seal it and give it a shinier look.

Using mod podge again, I lined the inside “walls” of the cross’s top and bottom section with rhinestones left over from the paddle I made for my Big and then attached fake flowers and leaves I had from the Christmas presents I made my mom and aunt for Christmas last year.

Write a note for mom on the back, wrap it up, and you’ve got a gift she’ll love!


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