Scrapbooking: Photo Collages

Generally good scrapbook pages have just a couple pictures on them. But for some reason I could never get that through my head. When I was younger I would cram as many photos as possible onto each page of my scrapbook because I HAD TO use every single picture printed…even if it wasn’t a good one.

formal13I’ve calmed down my picture cramming problem in recent years. However, I’ve been given a task that awakens those old habits.

In my sorority we make “Something Books” for our big sisters when they graduate from college and become alumna of the chapter. My big is graduating this spring 😦 so over the summer I began working on the massive scrapbook that would chronicle her four years at the University of Florida and as an active collegiate member of Phi Mu.

If you know anything about sororities, you know that we take pictures CONSTANTLY. bidday13So, after four years, you’ve got a ton of good images that remind you of your college adventures. In order to include as many of the good pictures of my big as possible, I had to get creative.

In the Walmart Photo Center you can upload pictures from your computer or directly from Facebook and create photo collages. For several of the pages in my big’s book I created these collages. This made it easy to create pages quickly and to include several pictures.


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