21st Birthday Signs

It is a tradition in the Greek community to celebrate a girl’s 21st birthday with a “sign” night. A sister, usually her little, creates a sign that the birthday girl can wear around her neck and then writes 21 tasks that she must complete by the end of the night. These tasks usually range from funny to inappropriate and make for some good photo-ops.

CollageMy big sister turned 21 last February and is obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, so with some help from my sisters I made her a pirate ship sign.

First, we sketched the pirate ship and all of it’s sails out on a piece of white poster board. Then for each piece of the ship, we cut out white construction paper in the correct shapes and used glue sticks to attach the pieces to the poster board.

The water was made with blue construction paper and the ship’s windows were cut out of black glitter scrapbook paper. My grandbig (check out her paddle here) made the letters that spell out Savannah’s 21st.

We used a red marker to write 21 things that Savannah had to do on her sign night and then we attached a picture of her as a funny touch, making it look like she was sitting on the back of her ship.

My grandbig took the sign to Target Copy to get it laminated and then we punched a hole on each end of the ship and tied a blue glittery ribbon so my big could wear it around her neck while we were out that night.


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