Spicing up that Bathroom

The apartment in my bathroom is vanilla. Plain. Blah. Beige/white. Older. Boring, to say the least. I already had a purple rug and purple shower curtain from the dorm room I lived in my freshman year of college, so I reused them and then created a few wall pieces to distract from the old bathroom theme the room was sporting at the time.

initialcollageWhen I travel to different cities I like to find interesting prints of landmarks found at my vacation destination. In high school I visited New York a couple times and on one of those trips I picked up a black and white framed photo of the tiles in the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park that spell out Imagine in tribute to the late John Lennon.

I painted a wooden letter C white and then painted the front of it a dark purple to match my rug and shower curtain. Using command strips, I arranged these two pieces on the wall above my toilet, placing the C on top of the picture.lhtcollage

I already had wooden letters that stand for love, honor, and truth (one of my sorority’s open slogans) from my dorm room last year. The colors meshed well with the purple in my bathroom so I hung those in a stair step arrangement on the wall next to the door, above the light switches.

bathroomcollageOn the wall over my towel rack I hung four more prints: the Statue of Liberty and St. Patrick’s Cathedral from New York, Lombard Street from San Francisco, and Thomas Jefferson‘s Monticello from Virginia. Unlike the Imagine picture, these four did not come framed. Lucky for me, Walmart sells black frames that match the one the Imagine print came in for under two dollars (the Monticello print frame was under one dollar).

These simple editions to the bathroom transformed it from drab to (I’m really tempted to say fab, but that’s dumb and oh-so-HGTV) a room that reminds me of some really great trips I’ve taken with family and friends!


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