Halloween Decorations

With Halloween approaching, you may be tempted to extend the costume fun to your living space. This week I interviewed Savannah Dekle, a senior History major at the University of Florida, about the Halloween decorations she made for her apartment.


Dekle found most items at the dollar store and then “channeled her inner Addams family meets Martha Stewart” while working on the project. She started by creating a centerpiece for the dining table.

“I painted everything black with spray paint except the candles; which I painted with a combination of glitter and Mod Podge. For the pumpkin with the candle in it, I pulled out the stem and dug enough foam out to hold the candle, stuck the candle in and drizzled glitter mixed with Mod Podge around the base. The monogram pumpkin I drew on with black glitter. Everything else I basically drew glitter patterns on while channeling Martha Stewart,” Dekle said.

CollagehShe also spray painted an extra skull black, set it on top of a vase, and tied black and orange ribbon around it. To finish it off she attached a skull button.

Dekle found a mossy netting material at Dollar Tree and draped it across her chandelier. Another spray painted skull is attached to the chandelier by hook and adds an unexpected surprise to the decoration.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday you can use these crafts to bring the fun home and spook visitors all month long.


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