It only takes a spark…

On Friday of big/little week, we have reveal. In my chapter, the sisters all stand in a circle grouped by families (big, little, grandbig, etc.) who choose a theme and dress up in costumes. Our new members are given a candle and come outside in small groups. They must walk around until they find the candle that matches their own. Whoever holds the matching candle is their big sister. While they walk around, we sing traditional Phi Mu songs about sisterhood.

I chose the theme “Can’t Be Tamed” for my littles’ reveal. These are the candles I made to go with the theme:



wine glasses

tan spray paint

pink puffy paint

off-white paint pens

black paint pens

animal print stencils

brown ribbon



1. Spray paint all of the wine glasses a tan or medium brown color.

2. Once they are dry, hold a large animal print stencil against the wine glass and color it in with the off-white paint pen. The stem, base, and bottom of the bowl are easier to freehand than to use the stencil on.

IMG_1640a3. Go over the glass again with a smaller animal print in black.

4. Once it is dry, use the puffy paint to write Big/Little/GBig on the bowl of the glass and then the name of the girl and the date of reveal on the base of the glass.

5. Tie a small piece of brown ribbon around the top of the stem and then place a mini candle inside the glass.

And there you have it, animal print wine glass candles!




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