Monogrammed Canvases

On the third day of the week, littles received a canvas from their big sisters. We were given the freedom to do anything—initials, monograms, quotes, etc.


For the first canvas I decided to use my little’s first initial and then tied in the flowers on her basket with her favorite colors.




wooden letter

paint brushes

3 paint colors of your choice

cloth flower or other symbol/decoration of your choice

mod podge


1. Decide which two colors you want to use for the stripes in the background and then paint the entire canvas the lighter of the two.

2. After the paint has dried, cover the whole canvas with rows of tape. Peel off every other row so you get even stripes.

3. Paint the entire canvas again with the other color. I usually do not wait for it to completely dry before peeling off the rest of the tape so that it doesn’t stick. Once you’ve peeled it all off you should have distinct two-color stripes going down the entire canvas.

4. While the canvas is drying, paint your wooden letter in the third color.

5. Once everything is dry, arrange the wooden letter and your other decor piece until you are satisfied and then use the mod podge to glue them on to the canvas.

photo (4)To make the gifts look different, I monogrammed my other little’s canvas.



2-3 paint colors

wooden letters (last initial larger than the first and middle)

wood glue

mod podge

paint brushes


1. Use the wood glue to create a design across the entire canvas. I chose to do a branching swirly-type pattern, but anything that isn’t dependent on color differentiation would work.

2. Let the glue dry over night and then paint the entire canvas with whichever of the paint colors you choose.

3. Paint the wooden letters colors of your choice. I recommend painting the first and middle initials a different color than the last initial.

4. Use mod podge to attach the letters to the canvas once all parts are dry.

This is an easy way to add texture to a monogrammed canvas and makes a simple and personal gift you can make for almost anyone!

Here are the canvases one of my sisters made for her littles:



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