On the last day of Big/Little week, littles receive a quatrefoil from their big sister. They all have the names of the big and little sisters, three stars for the three founders of Phi Mu, the semester and year, and “Lil Sis” and “Big Sis”. Other than that, each is personalized by the big sister.

IMG_1611aMy big used a Lily Pulitzer gift bag for the background of mine. She traced and cut out the shape of the quatrefoil and then used Mod Podge to secure it on.

For our names she chose to bring out an unemphasized color in the pattern by painting the letters lime green. “Lil Sis” and “Big Sis” are painted white and the stars and “Fall 13” were covered in Mod Podge and then glitter.

She used Mod Podge to attach all of these wooden pieces to the quatrefoil, adding in the crest of Phi Mu in the middle. To finish it off, she hot glued strings of pearls around the edge of the quatrefoil.

My little sister Courtney really likes the paint color Ocean Breeze and has a slight obsession with glitter. So when I sat down to make her quatrefoil I knew those two things had to be included.


When you’re starting any type of craft like this make sure to prime the quatrefoil, paddle, etc. and all of the wooden letters and symbols you are using. It’s also a good idea to lay out everything you want to put on your project while you’re still at the store so you make sure you get the right size and enough letters and symbols.

To keep the look clean, I used ocean breeze for the background and then painted all of the letters, numbers and stars white.

Quick tip: A Q-tip is a great tool when spreading Mod Podge on your crafts. Paint brushes work too; but with those you have to rinse them off right away. Q-tips serve as a cheap and disposable paint brush that you don’t have to worry about ruining.

I spread Mod Podge over the quatrefoil shaped frame and then set it on a paper plate filled with fine silver glitter. Once the glitter had a chance to set I lifted it up and shook it off.


On the sides I used a mixture of glitter and Mod Podge that my big sister created for another craft project.

For my little sister Kaitlyn’s quatrefoil I started out by painting the whole thing pink. Then I picked out a piece of white textured scrapbook paper for the background, cut it to the shape of the quatrefoil and then used Mod Podge to attach it.

Her favorite colors are pink and orange so I painted the frame orange and then used Mod Podge to attach pink flowered lace on top. I also painted the letters, numbers and stars orange and used Mod Podge to add glitter to the greek letters Phi and Mu before attaching them to the frame.


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