Basketful of Sunshine

In my chapter we leave baskets in a specified room for our littles. The baskets stay there all week and when they come to the house each day, there’s a new present from their big! I have twins, which means I took two littles. However, during big/little week, they have no clue who I am and they also don’t know that they are twins. Therefore, my first challenge was to decorate two baskets and make sure that they do not look anything alike.

I used whicker baskets from Michaels for both. For one basket, I primed it and then spray painted the whole thing teal. Once it was dry, I cut up strips of tulle to go inside of it and tied purple bows around each handle. Then I cut out the letters of her name on silver glitter scrapbook paper and hot-glued them to the top of the back.


Again, these baskets couldn’t look alike. So I decided to leave the second one its natural color. First, I weaved pink ribbon through the top of the basket, hot gluing the ends inside the handles so they would not show. After that I cut the stems off of fake flowers I found at Michael’s and hot glued them across the front of the basket. Then I cut out the letters of her name on orange scrapbook paper and hot glued them to the front of her basket. I placed yellow tissue paper along the bottom and then found yellow paper basket filling at the local dollar store to add some pizzaz.


Quick Tip: If you don’t have stencils, find a font you like on word (or download one from for free), type out whatever name or word you need and then print out the letters. If you can’t fit the paper you want to use in your printer, print it on another sheet first, cut them out and then trace them onto the desired paper.


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